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Dearth of medical teachers in Telangana

As many as 400 medical teachers will retire from their services by the end of 2017. According to the information avialable with the Director of Health and Medical Education, two professors will retire every month.

KCR to Delhi

The Telangana Chief Minister Mr.KCR is to meet Modi today to discuss on drought and also about the drinking  water problem that is prevailing in the  in the state. Mr.KCR is accompanied by the deputy chief minister Mr. Kadiyam Srihari and other officials.

UGC has found only three colleges in Telangana state are at...

In the list of UGC only three colleges have potential experience. Vard human college of engineering Shamsha badh, VNR Vijnana college of Bashupalli and Chaitanya degree college in Warangal have their place in the list. Most of the colleges in Telangana are very weak.

No support to nominated C.M. ……. Thummala

Mr. Thummala Nageswararao minister for roads and buildigs has taken that he would not support for family rule in politics.

Intermediate results

The performance of the government colleges is better than that of private management colleges in IInd year intermediate results. Girls have achieved 67.64% and boys 58% results in IInd inter exams.

Ban on illeagle political banners in Hyderabad

Mr. KTR has directed the GHMC to pull down all illeagle publicity materials that disfigure the city. Inspite of the orders of the High Court, the members of union party are the violators, electing posters and banners. The HMR chief informed Mr.KCR that the members of the TRS party occupied most public space in Hyderabad including the metro pillars.

Abolishion of regional medical directorates

A key decission has been taken by Telangana government to cancell medical regional directors. Offices of these directors of Warangal and Hyderabad will be merged into the director of public health.

Cruelity against innocent kids

Six children of Shishu Griha were burnt with heated spoons by the care taker women (aayahs). Three of them are aged below 5 years. Blisters are found on their hands. But the staff has concealed the monster act for five days.

The TS government plans to launch Telugu film awards

The government of Telangana plans to launchTelugu film awards for which a new committee will be constituted. The TS government has taken measures to present its own awards for Telugu films every year. In the undivided A.P. film awards have been presented every year on Ugadhi but after bifurcation awards were stopped.

Stringent action on auto drivers

The Telangana transport department decides to cancell permits to auto rikshaw drivers from May 16th, if they fail to install regulation fare metres, ply without the license.

Shops set on fire………….. for fun

The city police nabbed two students including the son of a senior police officer for setting fire to shops at Monda market in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Discrimination in the selection of famine hit areas

Low rainfall regions entered into the list of famine hit regions whereas rainfallen areas omited from the list . Controversy in the selection goes on. Four mandals of Sirisilli constituency represented by Mr. KTR has been included in the list of famine hit areas.

Hubhub in HighCourt by V.H.


Rare incident took place in the HighCourt on Monday. Mr. V.Hanumantharao the MP of Rajyasabha sitting in the gallary of HighCourt has made much hubhub  while talking to the lawyer raising his voice at high apitch.The Judge took this seriously and ordered to call the  police and control the situation.

No more polio drops…………..only polio vaccine

Instead of polio drops, polio vaccine is now available for the children below the age of five years. Mr. C. Lakshmareddy health minister of Telangana has started polio vaccine on Tuesday.

I am not in the race……Nayeeni

Mr. Nayeeni Narasimha reddy home minister of Telangana stated that he is not interested to go to Rajya sabha as reported in some news papers. Mr. KCR asked him to contest as MLA in 2014 but he did not comply with his request.

TRS plenery meetings at Khammam

Mr. Thummala Nageswara Rao and Nayeeni Narasimha reddy ministers have stated in a statement that the plenery meetings of TRS will be held at Khammam from 27th instant.

Closer of private education institutions

In Telangana all the private education institutions would be closed from today onwards, due to the goverment's G.O. for the inspection of private schools in the state. The JAC of private managements has demanded that the G.O. should be withdrawn unconditionally.

Hot sun at noon ….. hail rain in the evening

On Sunday the sun has become hotter at 44 degrees celsius and in the evening , hail storm has fallen. Paddy and mango crops have been damaged severely, two persons were killed by thunder bolt and 41 persons dead by sunstroke.

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