An Stunning U-Turn On Chigurupati Jayaram’s Death Mystery

An Stunning U-Turn On Chigurupati Jayaram's Death Mystery
An Stunning U-Turn On Chigurupati Jayaram's Death Mystery

On the off chance that the media reports are to be trusted, Shikha Chowdary who happens to be the niece of Coastal Bank Chairman Chigurupati Jayaram admitted amid the examination that she had an illegal relationship with her Uncle. She unveiled Jayaram has even annoyed her Sister Manisha in a similar way.

As the check control is with his better half Padmaja, Jayaram acquired Rs 4.5 crore from Rakesh Reddy. They both had question because of this cash dealings and Rakesh Reddy holds resentment as Jayaram hasn’t restored the sum.

Shikha Chowdary: I had dated Rakesh Reddy after separation with my second spouse and thought of wedding him. Rakesh Reddy protested regular visits of Jayaram to my manor. That is the point at which I connected with Rakesh’s Friend Srikanth Reddy.

In spite of the fact that I am mindful of debate, Didn’t expect Rakesh Reddy to design Jayaram’s Murder.I wasn’t engaged with the death. Myself and Srikanth Reddy went for a lengthy drive on the day Jayaram’s homicide occurred.

Subsequent to thinking about his passing, We both went to Jayaram’s home for records identified with 10 sections of land of land in Jaggaiahpeta. Cops were researching from the point if Shikha Chowdary is the driving force behind the death of NRI Jayaram.