Hyderabad youngsters Dead body’s Found in Unexpected Way

Hyderabad youngsters Dead body's Found in Unexpected Way
Hyderabad youngsters Dead body's Found in Unexpected Way

Near Hyderabad at Shamirpet police station limits , the Four youth people were discovered dead under suspicious conditions . The exploited people were distinguished as Aravind Goud (23), Satish Goud (20), Mahesh Mudiraj (20) and Mahender Reddy (25). The four exploited people have a place with Venkatapuram town, Thorrur mandal in Mahbubabad locale.

As per Shamirpet police, they got a protestation from M Sampath, poultry guardian, expressing that the exploited people have taken KGL Poultry Farms in Bommarasipet town, on rent multi month prior from Sudhakar Reddy and were looking after it. The unfortunate casualties were developing around 14,000 chicks in the poultry cultivate by regulating immunizations to them.

On Thursday late night likewise, they have worked and offered antibodies to the chicks. After the work they have allegedly expended liquor and ate sustenance. At the point when another overseer of the poultry cultivate Kranthi achieved the homestead in the early morning hours on Friday he found that the unfortunate casualties were in the oblivious state and were not reacting to his calls.

Quickly he called Sampath (a friend of the people in question) and educated him regarding the state of the people in question. At the point when Sampath came to there he discovered all the four exploited people heaving blood and later, they died .