One of the Missing Child Found Dead body in UnUsed Well in Guntur District

One of the Missing Child Found Dead body in UnUsed Well in Guntur District

Recently we are hearing may missing cases in two Telugu states, recently a child of 7 years gone missing from Mangalagiri town in Guntur district. According to the latest reports the boy dead body has was discovered in an unused well at Mangalagiri town in Guntur locale. Diving into the subtleties, SI Bhargav stated that Kollu Vasu of 7 years had gone out to play on Sunday and had not returned home. When he didn’t return home, his dad Sankar Rao, recorded a missing objection with the nearby police. 

The police and Sankar Rao checked with their relatives and looked through the encompassing territories , however couldn’t discover him. On Tuesday morning they got data that the kid’s body was found in an unused well which was situated behind ‘Munasabugari Mill’ in the town.

They recognized the body to be that of Vasu and educated his parents . Since it had been over three days, the body was enlarged and decayed. It is accepted that he would have accidently slipped fallen in the well on Sunday itself. Local people educated the police that the children would play cricket in the ground near the well and that he was seen playing until six at night. 

They said that the very much was outdated for a long time and trash was being tossed into it. A fortnight prior a child had slipped and fallen into the well, however was fortunately spared by construction workers who were working close by. They requested that either the well be shut or a fence be raised around it to forestall further mishaps .