Rajasthan Gangrape Video getting Viral on Social Media

Rajasthan Gangrape Video getting Viral on Social Media

on Monday , Rajasthan Police has arrested 4 youngsters for Raping a married woman in Pali area of Rajasthan and later transferring the shocking rape video via web-based networking media. Four of the five criminals were captured after the married women recorded a police complaint that the five men had raped her on May 26 when she was headed to the temple with a friend. 

Following up on the complaint given bby the women , police captured four criminals named Jitendra Bhaat 20, Govind Bhaat 20, Dinesh Bhaat 24 and Mahendra Bhaat 22, on Monday while the fifth criminal Sanjay Bhaat is missing and searchings are going under . 

A case is enlisted for gangrape, improper restraint, thrashing and attack and other relevant sections of the IPC, police said. 

The arrested criminals will be displayed under the steady gaze of a court after cross examination. The lady has been sent for hospital for further Treatment .