Two Girls Dead Bodies Found AT Same Place In Yadadri District

Two Girls Dead Bodies Found AT Same Place In Yadadri District
Two Girls Dead Bodies Found AT Same Place In Yadadri District

Here all by accounts more to the hair-raising news of rape and murder instance of 14-year old Sravani to be disregarded as a coincidental occurrence. In a stunning improvement on Monday evening, the Rachakonda Police found another dead body of a youngster young lady, who was later recognized as Manisha. As per the police, Manisha, who likewise hailed from Hazipur and was concentrating Intermediate, disappeared for over a month now.

She didn’t return home at night on the specific day subsequent to setting off for college in the first part of the day. Her folks scanned for their missing little girl, yet avoided themselves holding up a grievance with police supposing it would convey unsavoriness to the family.

As their endeavors went futile in finding their little girl, Manisha’s folks presumed that she may have fled with her sweetheart. They have been with the conviction that she would come back to them sometime in the future. Be that as it may, that was not to be. As the police found the group of 14-year old Sravani two days in an old well outside of Hazipur, the Rachakonda police, who have appended a lot of significance to the case, additionally followed the collection of Manisha.

Police presumed that the body to be sure had a place with Manisha dependent on a pack and the young lady’s personality card found close to the body. With another homicide of a high schooler young lady becoming known in Hazipur, police are seeing an example in the manner two killings are connected. Police say that the blamed in Sravani’s rape and murder case, who is at present in their authority, have by all appearances acknowledged his job in both the killings.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) which is as of now set up to research the assault and murder of Sravani is presently attempting to draw an obvious conclusion and check whether there is bigger plot and trick to the occurrences of missing high schooler young ladies from Hazipur. The examination by Rachakonda Police is going all out. Then again, dread held Hazipur town with two killings becoming exposed .