Viral News…Trying To Give Life Back From Two Dead Bodies

Viral News...Trying To Give Life Back From Two Dead Bodies
Viral News...Trying To Give Life Back From Two Dead Bodies

Mumbai Police are checking a supposed episode where assemblages of two young people were discovered kept in rock salt at the funeral home of a state-run medical clinic in Jalgaon, purportedly to breath life into them back. A video that has been broadly coursed on the internet based life which as far as anyone knows demonstrates the assortments of two young people submerged in shake salt gauging in excess of a quintal.

The police have composed a letter to senior member of the emergency clinic to check the occurrence, an authority said on Sunday. As the bodies were in the ownership of the emergency clinic, we can’t affirm the episode, said MIDC police headquarters overseer Ranjeet Shirsath.

He, be that as it may, affirmed to have composed a letter to confirm the occurrence. The dead, the two occupants of Master Colony in Jalgaon, had suffocated in a lake on Friday night and their bodies were sent for after death on that night. Police authorities state that what occurred in the hospital’s funeral home isn’t known to them and are anticipating an answer.

Strikingly their family members played out the last rituals of the youngsters on Saturday morning itself prompting questions regarding why their bodies were kept in salt.