30 Years Comedian Made an Intense Comments On Mega Family

30 Years Comedian Made an Intense Comments On Mega Family

In the midst of reports that Mega family has restricted him from their movies and he wouldn’t be offered jobs in the movies of mega legends like previously, on-screen character government official 30 Years Industry Prudhvi has made stunning remarks. He clarified that he has not come to Telugu film industry for Mega family. He said he had gone to Chennai from Tadepalligudem conveying a bag not with the desire for getting offers from mega legends. 

Prudhvi, notwithstanding, kept up that he has been propelled by on-screen character Chiranjeevi and owes to him. Discussing hypotheses that his job and bits in Chiranjeevi’s 151st film Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy would be slashed, Prudhvi said he doesn’t think Chiru would do it. He reviewed how his bit in Khaidi No. 150, which was initially altered out by executive, was later restored after he transparently communicated his mistake. 

In the wake of knowing my mistake, Chiranjeevi garu himself called me and revealed to me that he didn’t care for me to get frustrated. He had ensured my bits in the film was held and the film was re-edited and discharged with my bit. I don’t think Chiranjeevi garu would make my bits hacked in Sye Raa. Be that as it may, similar to everybody saying in case I’m restricted by mega family, I don’t have the foggiest idea, said Prudhvi. 

Prudhvi said his political connection towards YCP and dedication towards his pioneer YS Jagan is nothing to do with his jobs and movies. He said he would stay faithful to Jagan till his final gasp and said he might want to see YS Jagan as the CM of AP till he gets old. Prudhvi, who is additionally made the state secretary of YCP, said YCP is in his blood. 

Remarking on Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena whether it would be an option political power in AP, he expressed that Janasena or some other ideological group would not have any future other than YSRCP. Prudhvi took pot shots at previous CBI JD and present Janasena pioneer Lakshminaryana. Prudhvi criticized Lakshminarayana’s examination against YS Jagan in compensation case.