An Epic Moment of Allu Aravind May Come True On Silver Screen Soon


Allu Aravind is one of the biggest producer of telugu film Industry , As per the recent reports Allu Aravind biggest dream on showing the Ramayana on the wide screen is at long last working out as expected . He worked together with Co-Founder of Phantom Films Madhu Mantena and Founder of Prime Focus Studios Namit Malhotra for the Epic which will be shot in 3D in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. 

Dangal Fame Nitesh Tiwari and Mom Fame Ravi Udyawar will together direct Ramayana. Pre-Production Work of the film adjustment of Ramayana is right now under advancement. Ordinary shoot starts from one year from now. Makers have given free hand to the Two Directors with regards to the financial limit. 

They are prepared to contribute at the very least Rs 500 crore on this perfect work of art. The Cast of Ramayana incorporate Actors from a few Film Industries in the nation. Producers are going for dramatic excursion in 2021 with less holes between the three discharge dates.

Individuals are interested to think about the throwing of Epic Ramayana. Will’s identity playing Lord Rama and Sita….the character Guessings are very high…..