Anasuya Gets Angry on Kid For Taking her pic….

Anasuya Gets Angry on Kid For Taking her pic....
Anasuya Gets Angry on Kid For Taking her pic....

Comedy show Jabardasth anchor Anasuya is the news once more this time for displaying her anger on a kid who has endeavored to take a snapshot of her . What’s more, the response she indicated is a case of what number of big names lose their cool to demonstrate their genuine face .

Today early in the day Anasuya was making a beeline for some place in Tarnaka region of Secunderabad where she was seen by a school going child who is strolling with his mom .

Shocked up for seeing Anasuya , the child attempted to click her snap on his mobile phone however he doesn’t expect how the adult drama demonstrate anchor will respond .

Grabbing the mobile phone from him, Anasuya has whipped the mobile against the floor with the end goal that the mobile will break into pieces, says a TV report, which additionally got the visuals of the anchor holding the child’s mobile .

A few spectators have remarked that Anasuya is angry with the child taking her snap since she’s not wearing any makeup .

Obviously, some famous personality have lost their craze and offers after their no make-up watch got leaked out to people in general, yet that doesn’t mean you need to whip the mobile of a child . Possibly she ought to have asked for the mother of the child to erase the photo, would it say it isn’t……..