My First Priority is for Money : Rashmi Gautam

My First Priority is for Money : Rashmi Gautam
My First Priority is for Money : Rashmi Gautam
Rashmi Gautam is one of the busy anchors in Telugu TV Industry. This beauty tried in film in the initial days but things didn’t work out well.
Finally she came onto the small screen arena and now she is ruling it with Jabardasth. After getting much hype in Jabardasth ,She is also trying to establish herself as an actor, and slowly she is getting some good offers after the success of Guntur Talkies .
And From recent movies Rashmi Doing glamour roles on silver screen shared a few things about her own life. In a television show with Ali she said that she had many battles having come in solitude from Vizag to industry.
 She said that she didn’t expect assistance from home as well and took battles in her walk. Rashmi said that her initially pay check originated from Annapurna Studios and that she paid her rent with that cash and even opened a financial balance in her name.
In a somewhat philosophical tone she said that when somebody is battling nobody would approach to assist yet whole industry needs to know insights about issues.
She included that every last bit of it have changed her point of view and showed her the importance of money in life . She said money is essential for her and that she would do even with a up comming hero as well if offered great pay check.
So producers, would you say you are prepared….  For now, this news is spreading like a wild fire in Film Nagar. Sources close to Rashmi says that she is quite jovial by nature and is matured by thoughts.
Even though she looks quite bold on screen, she is stated to be quite simple off screen. Recently Rashmi had seen playing one of the leads in Geeta Arts and UV Creations production, with Aadi Saikumar as hero. Directed by debutant Prabhakar, the film got mixed reviews, but is doing well on the first weekend.