Is There Any RGV strategies Behind This Sensational Leakage.

Is There Any RGV strategies Behind This Sensational Leakage.
Is There Any RGV strategies Behind This Sensational Leakage.

Andhra Pradesh Rulling party Leaders have been urgently endeavoring to slow down the arrival of Lakshmi’s NTR someway or the other in any event till April eleventh. This is the reason an objection was held up with Election Commission looking for activity against the dubious flick. It is discovered that no move has been made by EC so far to delay the discharge.

RGV claims he took the subject which was in the open area and everybody knows about what has occurred during the 90s. He is set up to move the High Court or Supreme Court if EC takes any ruling for the TDP. A lot to the stun of TDP Leadership, A 6-minute Viceroy Episode from Lakshmi’s NTR was released on the web and it has circulated around the web.

According to the video cut, NTR, Lakshmi Parvathi and MLAs supporting them achieve Viceroy Hotel in Chaitanya Ratham. Security Guards doesn’t permit NTR to get into the inn however he is the CM saying private individuals aren’t allowed. Grasping a mike, NTR starts speaking to the TDP MLAs.

Then again, Somebody illuminates Babu about the touch base of NTR. Following which, Chappals will be tossed focusing on NTR. Indeed, even NTR’s Children were in Viceroy Hotel when this occurrence occurred. ‘Dagaa…Dagaa’ tune will be played when NTR was in sad agony.

Investigators presume that spilling Viceroy Episode could be a technique of RGV after the protest given to Election Commission. Was it a sign that no one can stop Lakshmi’s NTR…… In the event that TDP slows down the dramatic discharge, Be set up to watch this hair-raising flick on YouTube.