Mega Brother’s Political Punch Against Balakrishna Comment

Mega Brother's Political Punch Against Balakrishna Comment
Mega Brother's Political Punch Against Balakrishna Comment

As it was planned before that mega brother Naga babu has revealled his another comment on on Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna. At first, Nagababu demonstrated an egotistical explanations’ section of Balayya that peruses as pursues.

Media Person: Have you welcomed Chiranjeevi garu……(to Lepakshi Utsav) .

Balakrishna: Nenevarinee neththikekkinchukuni koorchobettukonu. (I don’t keep anybody on my head.). I’s will continue as a despot.

Nagababu, nonetheless, attacked Balakrishna. Who requesting that you keep Chiranjeevi garu on your head….. For what reason do you have foul mouth…… You wanna go as a dictator…… At that point let it be. Are you set sufficiently out challenging from Hindupur….. At that point continue.

How about we witness what might in next assembly elections . We have dependably been tolerant. Be that as it may, at that point, never under any circumstance you are and the general population selected by you in media, said Nagababu.