Nayantara will Be Chief Minister , If She Skip’s Marriage

Nayantara will Be Chief Minister , If She Skip's Marriage
Nayantara will Be Chief Minister , If She Skip's Marriage

Kollywood Filmmaker GT Nandu revealed Few intriguing realities about ex-lovers Tamil actor Simbhu and Lady Super star Nayantara in an Recently held interview . kollywood Filmmaker talked about the contention encompassing the undertaking ‘Kettavan’ featuring Simbhu.

All things considered, Simbhu was the principal decision to play the male lead yet he turned down the proposition. At that point, Nandu endeavored to contact Simbhu through Director Bhupathi Pandian. It’s then Simbhu consented to be a piece of the undertaking.

He, be that as it may, got furious after realizing that the Director had moved toward Dhanush and left the venture following couple of long periods of shoot.

kollywood Filmmaker Nandu and A Person who is near Simbhu had once met an Astrologer to know how the eventual fate of the affection feathered creatures will resemble.

That Astrologer told Nayantara will be in the city in the event that she gets hitched. In the meantime, He passed on Nayan could wind up Chief Minister alike Jayalalithaa on the off chance that she doesn’t enter wedlock.