Rashmi Responds On Her Car Accident “In Which A Man Just Missed From Death”

Rashmi Responds On Her Car Accident
Rashmi Responds On Her Car Accident "In Which A Man Just Missed From Death"

A Couple of days before , Telugu on-screen character and prominent anchor, Rashmi Gautam, was associated with a mishap where her vehicle slammed into a person on foot crossing the street on Agnampudi Highway. After an examination, the driver of the vehicle has been arrested.

The person on foot has been distinguished as Sayyed Abdul, who is a truck driver by calling. He has been out of risk yet wound up with extreme wounds. Following multi day of quiet, the performing artist has now opened up on the mishap – I was going to achieve home in only 15-20 minutes when this occurred.

Because of no road lights on the parkway, the grievous occurrence occurred. Likewise, the man was running over the street without taking a gander at the street. She even cleared up that the man was quickly taken to the emergency clinic by her and her driver. Notwithstanding numerous spectators around them, nobody has helped and consequently, blamed her for hitting the man, she said.

She additionally inquired as to for what reason should she be quiet when there is no blame from her side. Regardless of assuming the whole liability, we are being accused superfluously, she asserted. Rashmi additionally pummeled the individuals who have shooted recordings enthusiastically on the mishap zone as opposed to helping her.