RGV’s Sudden Support To Nagababu On Balakrishna’s Issue

RGV's Sudden Support To Nagababu On Balakrishna's Issue
RGV's Sudden Support To Nagababu On Balakrishna's Issue

Controversial Director is known for his mainstream methods for hoarding the media spotlight by making discussions or go into the event debates . It is realized that Tollywood is seeing Mega Brother Naga Babu’s rankling assault on Natasimha Balakrishna throughout the previous multi week or something like that.

Naga Babu has been hauling out different recordings of Balakrishna and assaulting him for his remarks on Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Power Star Pawan Kalyan and uber family. In spite of the fact that this is bringing about fan wars between uber fans and Nandamuri fans, Balakrishna is astonishing all with his quiet.

Many feel Balakrishna is maintaining a strategic distance from any debate in front of his renowned venture, biopic on his father incredible identity NTR discharge. Amidst this, Ram Gopal Varma entered the scene and showered lauds on Naga Babu.

He posted , Commemtlalo nannu minchipoyarane naa desire baadha oka vaipu..Thana star brotherlani shield cheyyatamlo hotshot ayipoyarane aanandam oka vaipu Oka kanta kanneru..Maro kanta panneru..Naga babu Garu Hats Off..I love your siblings as much as you cherish them .