Star Comedian Gets Career Boosting Character in GopiChand’s Thriller Movie

Star Comedian Gets Career Boosting Character in GopiChand's Thriller Movie

A part of getting a character role in Aravinda Sametha, ‘Chitralahari’ is another enormous film that allowed capable previous comedian Sunil to assume his notorious entertainer job. Yet, the entertainer hasn’t awed no doubt and we need to accuse the distressing composition behind his characters too. 

What’s more, to test his karma no doubt, Sunil will be presently trying things out with Gopichand’s next film Chanakya. In this government operative spine chiller, we hear that he is assuming an enthusiastic job that not just allows him to assume a comic trick job yet additionally enables him to feature some action bonanza. 

Indeed, to bring back the lost appeal, Sunil needs to buckle down on the grounds that any semblance of Posani, Vennela Kishore, 30 Years Prithvi and as of late Priyadarshi are sitting emphatically in the honored position that was left by him years prior. 

Something else, Sunil may finish up like a Brahmi, who is legend yet not reasonable for the present market.