That Was Big Mistake By Power Star : Writer Kona Venkat

That Was Big Mistake By Power Star : Writer Kona Venkat

Tollywood famous writter Kona Venkat worked up a debate amid the Andhra Pradesh polls by purportedly opposing Pawan Kalyan. Later he issued an elucidation that he never made remarks against the Jana Sena boss however it was past the point of no return as he confronted the anger of PK fans. Keeping his friendship with Pawan aside, Kona bolstered YSRCP in the decisions and after that stayed quiet. 

Sooner or later, Kona Venkat by and by went to the spotlight and communicated his perspectives on Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena Party’s odds of winning the races. Kona investigated that Pawan committed couple of errors in the decisions and it will cost him for sure. The missteps drilled down by Kona are, collusion with Mayawati and the second is making wild claims on pioneers in Hyderabad and the latter is TRS and YSRCP friendship . 

As per Kona, Andhra Pradesh individuals disliked Pawan going for an agreement with Mayawati as the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) boss was engaged with multi crore trick and the Supreme Court of India gave its decision against Mayawati. BSP has no nearness in AP. Take the instance of my body electorate, as a major aspect of survey settlement in Baptla, BSP’s hopeful challenged the seat. 

He won’t get two thousands votes and will unquestionably lose store, said Kona. At that point the essayist said Pawan Kalyan was misinformed by individuals encompassing him on Hyderabad issue. Where and when assaults on Andhra individuals occurred in Hyderabad , addressed Kona and included Pawan was deluded and after that he remarked about TRS and YSRCP companionship. 

TRS has no job in Andhra races. However Kona credited Jana Sena for acquiring another pattern by not charming voters with cash and alcohol. These perceptions by Kona look useful and we need to perceive how PK fans will respond this time.