Tollywood Actor Vijay Sai’s Suicide controversy

Tollywood Actor Vijay Sai's Suicide controversy
Tollywood Actor Vijay Sai's Suicide controversy
Tollywood performing artist Vijay Sai suicide has turned into a sensation in Telugu Film Industry as his family members are raising charges each other. Actors Vijay Sai’s betterĀ  half Vanitha made thrilling comments on his suicide and Vijay Sai father raised genuine affirmations against Vijay’s wife Vanitha .
In a current improvement, Vanitha’s brother additionally joined his sister to level assertions against his brother -in- law . This sort of claims and counter-affirmations making the actor Vijay suicide issue amazing. Last rituals were performed for Vijay body at Erragadda burial ground and the concentration moved onto the family member.
Actor Vijay’s better half Vanitha said that, Vijay committed an error by conferring suicide . It is expected that he was such a defeatist. She said that she will be rebuffed on the off chance that she has done any mistake .
She said that the general population who are raising assertions against her should think about her little girl’s future . She posted a selfie video saying that Court will choose reality. She said that her father in-law is attempting to outline her in the issue.
She said that there is a question amongst Vijay and his dad over a land issue and that may be the explanation behind his suicide. Then again, Vijay’s dad Subbarao said that Vanitha character isn’t great and she cheated her better half . \
He said that he has a few evidences without wanting to discharge them at the opportune time. He cleared up that he didn’t have any question with his child. He said that his child was extremely ordinary with him even before his passing and he said he will comply with court’s choice over his great little girl authority.
Then again, Vanitha’s sibling Ramachandra Reddy said that the conduct of his brother by marriage was bad and he had relations with a few ladies. He felt dismal that they are pointlessly accusing his sister Vanitha.
He said that Vijay experienced passionate feelings for his sister amid the shoot of ‘Bachelors’.. what’s more, they got subtly wedded in Yadagiri Gutta as the relatives of the two sides did not acknowledge their marriage.
In any case, contrasts sprung up between them inside a couple of days of their marriage. We need to sit back and watch what number of electrifying things will turn out in future in Vijay Sai’s suicide issue.