With Disaster’s Vijay Devarakonda’s Next Left Everything on Director

With Disaster's Vijay Devarakonda's Next Left Everything on Director
With Disaster's Vijay Devarakonda's Next Left Everything on Director

After the biggest blockbuster Arjun Reddy , Vijay Devarakonda became overnight star and according to the recent film results Vijay Devarakonda receiving back to back disasters and Vijay Devarakonda wound up well known for his promotions . He assumed control over the mantle of promotions for Geetha Govindam, Taxiwaala, Nota and Dear Comrade .

For the last film, he earned the name of being excessively liberal and his thoughts harmed the film said a few inside reports. The entertainer neither denied nor acknowledged such asserts yet he took the onus on him to make diverse limited time procedures work for the movies .

NOTA and Dear Comrade both fizzled at film industry. He attempted to improve his market in different dialects with both however that did not work. In this way, for his next with Kranthi Madhav, he left it to the executive and makers on the most proficient method to promote the film, it appears .

He additionally revealed to them that he won’t be engaged with screenplay and story structure talks likewise it appears. He needs to make the movie as director imagined, this time and perceive how it goes. According to his next a few movies are concerned, he will have a go at setting a solid base in Telugu before taking another risk with multi-linguals, it appears.