American Govt Announced osama Bin Laden’s Son Death Officially

American Govt Announced osama Bin Laden's Son Death Officially
American Govt Announced osama Bin Laden's Son Death Officiall

American Authorities speaking to the Intelligence-wing affirmed the passing of al-Qaeda organizer Osama bin Laden’s Son and Heir Hamza . Upwards of Three United Stated Officials have been so certain of Hamza container Laden’s passing.

They, be that as it may, didn’t offer any solid data about the date of death and area. New York Times announced about the pretended by United States in the activity that brought about Hamza’s passing which occurred in the previous two years.

At the point when correspondents looked for his response in the Oval Office, United States President Donald Trump would not remark on it.

Path back in February, US Government declared $1 million abundance on Hamza’s head refering to he Crown Prince of Jihad was developing as the head of al-Qaeda. Hamza discharged sound and video messages swearing to vindicate his Father’s death by the US in May 2011.