England Should Be prohibited Over Hosting World Cup Matches

England Should Be prohibited Over Hosting World Cup Matches

Continuous ICC ODI World Cup 2019 Matches are been rejected due to the rainfall in England and Wales . Three League Matches had been washed out so far as a result of the climate factor. Numerous Teams were stressed over the likelihood of downpours choosing Semi Final Berths. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor didn’t waver to state 2019 World Cup has turned into a moist squib with three washout matches . 

Calling attention to that Summers are progressively transforming into rainstorm, He thought about whether England ought to be prohibited from facilitating ICC Tournaments until ICC contributes on secured arenas. Alliance Matches between Pakistan-Sri Lanka (June seventh), South Africa-West Indies (June tenth) and Sri Lanka-Bangladesh (June eleventh) were dropped because of overwhelming rainfalls. 

This Tournament has officially accomplished the most noticeably terrible record of being the World Cup with most number of washout recreations. Expect reaction from Cricket Lovers over the World if urgent diversions like India Vs Pakistan-Australia Vs England-New Zealand Vs India-Australia Vs New Zealand-India Vs England and New Zealand Vs India end up getting washed out. ICC need to discover an answer for anticipating such circumstances in any event in the World Cup competitions.