Survey on the “Moon’s” Soft Lands

Survey on the

The American “Surveyor” space craft conducted Soft Lands on the moon today. The television “Robot” was flashing pictures to the earth at the rate of one every seconds.

The still pictures of the television taking from various angles in reponse to radioed commands was flashed on the screen at the ground level control here. 144 pictures in total  were received before transmission was haulted at the from the earth. Audience saw the pictures on the TV screens, the space crafts legs on which it landed gently on to the Moon’s surface at 11.47 IST, later retro rockets has slowed it on a tr0tting pace from a speed of nearly 600 Mph. Shouts and cheers rang out from the tense control centre when the Surveyor set down smoothly on the lunar surface. This is the first attempt of America given only one to four chances of success. In February 2016, after failure of five times, the Russians made the first landing with “Luna Nine.”