Once Again “Swine Flu” Increasing In Hyderabad

Once Again
Once Again "Swine Flu" Increasing In Hyderabad
Swine Flu virus has returned to Hyderabad once again. Two elderly individuals have been infected from the virus in the city. According to Public health officials more infections may continue into summer.
Swine Flu infection has by and by come back to Hyderabad as two elderly people have been contaminated with the infection in the city. As indicated by the reports, more diseases are probably going to proceed into summer .
It is found out that both the residents of Hitech City were admitted to private hospitals a weekend ago with symptoms of swine flu and have been tried positive for H1N1. A year ago, Telangana recorded 2,165 swine influenza diseases which guaranteed 21 lives according to the information gave by the Ministry of Health and Family.
A 65-year-old and a 69-year-old, unrelated and both from Hitech City, were admitted to private hospitals last weekend with symptoms of swine flu, sources in the health administration informed. Test confirmed H1N1 infection.
The patients were said to be stable on Monday but co-morbid conditions and age puts them at increased risk of mortality. Report of the two cases of infection comes at an unlikely time.
In December, the health administration received 35 samples from patients with suspected swine flu infections, but tests at the Institute of Preventive Medicine did not find a positive case, despite marked fall in temperature during the month.
Post-monsoon, through the winters a consistent reduction in infections were witnessed for the past few years. But a spike in cases was seen when warm weather prevailed, data shows.
Through its yearly updates, Ministry of Health and Family informed last week that State recorded 2,165 swine flu infections in 2017. The flu killed 21, the Ministry claimed.