US President surprises the Indian-American people in US

US President surprises the Indian-American people in US
US President surprises the Indian-American people in US
Proceeding with the Obama-period convention, the US President Donald Trump is outfitting to have a supper get-together for 200 Indian-Americans on the event of Diwali celebration. The bash will be held at 1600,Pennsylvania Avenue. This is the first Diwali in the White House after Trump turned into the US President.
Diwali dinner was first facilitated for Indian-American people group by previous President Barack Obama in 2009. The White House Diwali festivity has since turned into a yearly illicit relationship. In June, US President Donald Trump infamously finished the decades-long White House custom of observing Eid (Ramadan) with an ‘iftar’ supper.
Consequently, the Indian-American people group had a few apprehensions whether the Diwali dinner too would be canceled out. US President Donald Trump however chose to proceed with this tradition. The Indian-American people group trusts that Trump will address visa-related issues with group individuals amid the dinner.
The people group additionally trusts Trump will consider their demand that he address a rally in Chicago for around 15,000 Indian-Americans. The Diwali supper is being depicted by some political analysts as a strategical move of Trump govt.
To facilitate the Indian-American people group’s feelings of dread about the President’s require a stricter visa administration.