US President’s Shocking Decision on H-1B Visas

US President's Shocking Decision on H-1B Visas
US President's Shocking Decision on H-1B Visas

US President’s Government prepared to stagger Indian IT Professionals and Software Firms once more. Significant changes to the H-1B Visa Policy will be proposed with the Bill to be presented in January 2019.

US Government will update and reclassify the claim to fame occupation under H-1B Visa. The arrangement is to amend the meaning of Employment and Employer-Employee relationship to the greatest advantage of US Workers.

This move is going to antagonistically influence the Indian IT Firms in the US. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicated a proposition to scrap certain H-4 Visas, which are issued to either Spouse of H-1B Visa Holder or their Children under 21-Years of age. Moreover, New rules will be proposed to guarantee Employers pay proper wages to the H-1B Holders.

Proposed new arrangement could negatively affect the Small/Medium-sized legally binding IT Companies possessed by Indian-Americans.