First ever “Yacht” made entirely of “Stainless Steel” unveiled in Florida

First ever
First ever "Yacht" made entirely of "Stainless Steel" unveiled in Florida

The first-ever yacht made entirely of stainless steel is attracting buzz at the 60th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, currently being held in Florida. The 9,000 square foot watercraft, fittingly named the Mansion Yacht, is perhaps the most distinctive looking vessel ever exhibited at the famed show. When not sailing it is held 18-feet above the water’s surface on four hydraulic legs.

Several billionaires are already interested but the asking price has not been publicly revealed. While money may be no object for whomever purchases the vessel, stainless steel frame make its 25 percent cheaper to maintain than a fiberglass boat. Mansion Yacht, which measures 84 feet in length and 40 feet in width, essentially acts as a supersized house suspended above the sea, and it has room on board for more than 145 people.

A 1,600 square foot ‘salon entertainment area’ sits at the front of the vessel, while a separate 3,300 square foot ‘water view deck space’ is positioned at its stern. A seven person hot tub is also included in The Mansion Yacht, so passengers can warm up after cooling up after a dip in the ocean. Meanwhile, the boat boasts green credentials, with 72 solar panels making for a reduced carbon footprint. The three-story structure features five large bedrooms, five bathrooms and five separate state rooms, making it perfect for party voyages.