Sankranti Special Meal and Traditional Food

Sankranti Special Meal and Traditional Food
Sankranti Special Meal and Traditional Food
Happy Sankranti Subhakankshalu…… Wishing all my dear readers and friends who are celebrating , an exceptionally glad and prosperous Makar Sankrathi. Most local Andhra homes commend the most favorable Thanksgiving celebration, Sankranti with traditional  like Kalagaya kura, Kalagaya Pulusu, Ariselu, Bobbatlu and Teepi Punugulu.
Every area and each home have their own particular adaptations of festive arrangements. Whatever the custom, you can be guaranteed that each home will set up an exceptional dish to introduce the harvest season and offer thanks to nature, the hallowed dairy animals and dearest ancestors.
The recently collected rice is cooked and offered as neivedhyam to the Gods. All around, Kalagaya kura otherwise known as mixed vegetable curry is a typical conventional Sankranti food including Kalagaya Pulusu otherwise known as Teepi Pulusu, mixed vegetables cooked in jaggery and tamarind.
The sweet dishes may vary in view of the traditions took after by each home like Boorelu, Ariselu, Kajjikayalu, Bobbatulu, Sunnundalu etc.
Two steadfast perusers of Sailu’s Kitchen, who are based abroad, have asked for me to post formulas of Kalagaya Kura and Teepi Pulusu.
For the advantage of each one of those perusers who are extremely far from home and don’t know how to set up the customary ‘Pedda Panduga’ (the other name given to Sankranti in our parts) delights, I am posting conventional extraordinary foods of Sankranti celebrations .