Cricket Fans Are Against ICC Over Dhoni’s RunOut In World Cup

Cricket Fans Are Against ICC Over Dhoni's RunOut In World Cup

After the major defeat of India in world cup 2019 , International Cricket Council (ICC) appears to have taken motivation from Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer Terminator to share clip on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s run-out in the World Cup 2019 Semi Final . International Cricket Council subtitled the video, ‘Hasta La Vista, Dhoni’. 

The methodology of International Cricket Council hasn’t gone down well with the Indian Cricket Lovers. Fans started trolling the International Cricket Council for putting the post which was in poor taste. It gave a feeling that ICC was content with the come up short on Dhoni and India’s exit from the World Cup. 

International Cricket Council is yet to explain whether if Six New Zealand Fielders were outside the 30 yards circle when Dhoni was run-out. In the event that there was an infringement of International Cricket Council Norms, Who ought to be considered capable . 

Will it be the New Zealand Team or On-field Umpires . New Zealand and England had effectively fixed the last compartments. There is nothing one can change about it and that is going to be awful for Indians.