Goa gets Approved ……..Why Not BJP Doing For Andhra Pradesh

Goa gets Approved ........Why Not BJP Doing For Andhra Pradesh
Goa gets Approved ........Why Not BJP Doing For Andhra Pradesh

In the midst of current harshness among Center and State, the BJP has given over a brilliant chance to the Telugu Desam Party by including extraordinary status for Goa in its proclamation. In front of the Assembly and General decisions in the express, this could prove to be useful as ammo for the TDP which is searching for chances to hit back at BJP.

The consideration of unique class status for Goa in BJP’s declaration for Lok Sabha races has ticked off a crisp discussion. Andhra Pradesh has been requesting for Special Category Status which was guaranteed in the Parliament by previous PM Manmohan Singh before bifurcation. The Center has been dismissing Special Status on the ground that it would give a Special Package.

As per TDP sources, TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu hosts guided all gathering heads to take up the issue and uncover BJP’s twofold gauges in denying Special Status for Andhra Pradesh. Then again, BJP had prior supposed that NITI Aayog did not permit it, later they said that the state government concurred for Special Package and now, it has included it in BJP’s declaration.

TDP pioneers are presently planning to uncover BJP’s victimization non-BJP ruled states. They state that this will likewise uncover BJP’s political feud against TDP Chief and the general population of Andhra Pradesh. On the off chance that Special Status can be given to Goa, at that point why not AP , they inquire.

It would appear that BJP is going to confront more warmth in the state in front of Assembly races .