Mamata Banerjee In A Planning To Rope Winning YCP Political Strategist

Mamata Banerjee In A Planning To Rope Winning YCP Political Strategist

As Recent held general elections , Modi led BJP made comfortable way to West Bengal . By winning 18 Lok Sabha seats and getting marginally over 40% vote share, it sent waves to the decision Trinamool Congress (TMC) party. As far back as the survey results, BJP and TMC pioneers and gathering specialists are always battling with one another. Presently BJP is making tall cases that the party will shape the following government and end Mamata Banerjee government rule. 

Having detected BJP’s becoming stronger, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has reserved in mainstream political strategist Prashant Kishor. He was the fundamental man behind YSR Congress gathering’s great triumph in Andhra Pradesh and his reputation is likewise very fair. Anyway Mamata and Prashant did not own any official expression. Truth be told Prashant has independently begun another wing with the name ‘Youth In Politics. 

Under his drive he needs to prepare youth of Bengal state about legislative issues and after their preparation they will be offered freedom to pick whichever gathering they need to join. Prashant Kishor is going for least five lakh youths to be a piece of his drive. 

Political specialists in West Bengal state accept that Prashant Kishor is in a roundabout way helping TMC and through the span of time, they would positively hold hands. Assembly Polls in West Bengal are planned for 2021. TMC is attempting to hold the power while BJP is doing all what is expected to draw down Mamata government .