Rumours: Was Ex-CBI Lakshminarayana Is Thinking About To Join In BJP

Rumours: Was Ex-CBI Lakshminarayana Is Thinking About To Join In BJP

Hypotheses are buzzing that previous CBI JD Lakshminarayana going to stop Jana Sena Party at any point in the near future. On the off chance that the reports available for use are to be accepted, Lakshminarayana was frustrated for not having the option to give extreme battle to YCP Candidate MVV Satyanarayana challenging on Jana Sena Ticket in Visakha Lok Sabha Constituency. 

He is by all accounts of the inclination that joining BJP could be a well-determined move. All things considered, BJP, AAP and Lok Satta were the ideological groups which welcomed JD Lakshminarayana when he took willful retirement. He even thought about on joining TDP at one phase yet abstained from doing as such because of analysis from YCP. 

At long last, The Former CBI JD favored Jana Sena yet he made due with the third position in Visakha Lok Sabha Segment in the ongoing race. On the off chance that Lakshminarayana joins BJP, There can’t be a greater hit to the Jana Sena Party than that. 

Will somebody like Lakshminarayana change the party since he confronted rout . At that point, Would there be any contrast among him and shrewd legislators . Post the destruction, Lakshminarayana told he continues doing his work regardless of triumph or annihilation. Does that mean he would battle back proceeding in Jana Sena .