US Seeks Pakistan’s Help for conversations With Afghanistan

US Seeks Pakistan's Help for conversations With Afghanistan
US Seeks Pakistan's Help for conversations With Afghanistan

Donald Trump who was the president of US has written message to Prime Minister Imran Khan, looking for Pakistan’s assistance with faltering Afghan harmony talks and support in conveying the Taliban to the arranging table to end the 17-year ruthless war in the neighboring nation, authorities here said on Monday.

The improvement came a long time after Trump said Pakistan does not do a damn thing for the US, asserting that Islamabad had helped al-Qaeda boss Osama container Laden stow away close to its battalion city of Abbottabad. The Foreign Office (FO) said that the President, in a letter, has looked for Pakistan’s assistance with wavering Afghan harmony talks and collaboration in conveying the Taliban to the arranging table.

In the letter, Trump “expressed that his most vital provincial need was accomplishing an arranged settlement of the Afghan war. In such manner, he has looked for Pakistan’s help and assistance, the Foreign Office said. The President likewise recognized that the war had cost both the US and Pakistan, and stressed that both the nations ought to investigate chances to cooperate and recharge partnership .

Pakistan respects the choice to investigate courses for a political settlement of the Afghan issue, the FO said. Since Pakistan has dependably supported a political settlement to end the war in Afghanistan, US choice is invited, it said. Pakistan additionally emphasized its duty to assume a help job in accordance with some basic honesty, focusing on that harmony and dependability in Afghanistan was a common obligation.

A month ago, the Pentagon said that the US has suspended USD 1.66 billion in security help to Pakistan after President Trump’s order. Ties between the US and Pakistan stressed after Trump, while reporting his Afghanistan and South Asia strategy in August a year ago, hit out at Pakistan for giving places of refuge to “operators of mayhem that execute Americans in Afghanistan and cautioned Islamabad that it has a lot to lose” by harboring fear based oppressors.

In September, the Trump organization dropped USD 300 million in military guide to Islamabad for not doing what’s necessary against dread gatherings like the Haqqani Network and the Taliban dynamic on its dirt. The Trump organization, in the ongoing months, has increased its endeavors to look for an arranged settlement of America’s longest war in Afghanistan where the US has lost more than 2,400 fighters since late 2001, when it attacked the nation after the 9/11 fear assaults. The Taliban are battling to flush out universal powers and restore their routine in Afghanistan after their ouster in 2001.