Yester Actor Still Waiting For the Governor Post in BJP Government

Yester Actor Still Waiting For the Governor Post in BJP Government

Tollywood senior actor Krishnamraju and senior Political leader needs to be a governor . This senior actor thinks never again assume a job in active politics . He can never again take up campaigning . As far back as the BJP 2nd term started , he has been campaigning hard for governor’s post. He had even utilized his nephew Prabhas for this. He took Prabhas to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, yet without much of any result. 

In spite of the fact that Modi and Shah are selecting a great many governors, they are not thinking about Krishnamraju’s case. Truth be told, starting at now, the BJP is delegating senior RSS and BJP hands as governors. In any case, Krishnamraju has not surrendered. He is joining the party enrollment drive and is endeavoring to demonstrate that he is still of some pertinence to the BJP. What more, he has additionally begun focusing on Chandrababu Naidu to stand out enough to be noticed. 

At some point, he named Chandrababu a dead snake. The otherday, he said Chandrababu is a post-graduate in duplicity. In spite of every one of these things, the BJP administration isn’t taking a gander at him. For what reason will the BJP make him a representative… He joined the BJP when things were ruddy and the there was a union with the TDP. 

After the BJP left power, he resigned the party and joined in Praja Rajyam party . At that point, he has returned to the BJP once more. This being the situation, for what reason will the BJP trust on senior political leader Krishnamraju .