A New Turn On YS Jagan’s Murder Attack : Visakha Police Commissioner

A New Turn On YS Jagan's Murder Attack : Visakha Police Commissioner
A New Turn On YS Jagan's Murder Attack : Visakha Police Commissioner

Few Days Ago YS Jagan Murder Attack Created Many Doubts on Telugu Desam Party Leaders . Be that as it may, AP DGP named it as a minor episode and furthermore announced Accused Srinivas Rao is a devotee of YCP Chief not long after the attack . Rapidly, TDP Leaders has gone to the degree of charging Jagan himself arranged homicide endeavor for sensitivity in front of 2019 Assembly Elections.

Indeed, even CM Chandrababu Naidu didn’t censure the assault on the Opposition Leader . In the wake of taking therapeutic help, YS Jagan composed a letter to Center looking for test by a free office refering to his absence of confidence on the AP Police working according to the bearings from TDP Government. He even recorded an appeal to in the Hyderabad High Court to guarantee a focal office takes up the case.

At the point when the case is as yet pending in High Court, Visakha Police Commissioner Mahesh Laddha gathered a public interview and made remarks that are in opposition to the rendition of AP DGP and SIT Officials. He affirmed that assault on Jagan was pre-arranged by Srinivas Rao. ‘Denounced carried the two blades into the air terminal much ahead of time to execute the arrangement. He made the endeavor with full still, small voice and was totally mindful of what’s going to occur after the assault.

All things considered, Srinivas Rao intended to assault Jagan on October eighteenth itself. As Jagan left for Hyderabad on seventeenth, He deferred the arrangement till 25th. Srinivas Rao cleaned the blades utilizing high temp water before the assault. He educated about the activity to two ladies who were near him. Letter found in Srinivas Rao’s pocket was composed by one of the two ladies and she was distinguished as Vijayalakshmi.

Flexi found in Srinivas Rao’s home was requested simply after he decided to assault Jagan, he said. What clarification does AP DGP, CM and TDP Leaders offer on the realities uncovered by Visakha Police Commissioner….. Mahesh Laddha uncovering stunning actualities only multi day after AP High Court started working from Amaravati caused a buzz.