Against Media Predicts Pawan’s Janasena Winning There

Against Media Predicts Pawan's Janasena Winning There

News Channels are Doing great in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States . This is viewed as an enemy of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s channel. Long back, the channel communicate day-long and hour-long discussions to some senseless identities and made them utilize dingy language against Pawan Kalyan. In any case, Janasena boss started a rebel against that channel.

Since the channel attacked Pawan Kalyan through previously mentioned senseless individuals, Power Star too connected blow for blow system against the channel’s head which enormously hurt the self image of the channel’s head. From that point, the channel forced a restriction on Janasena formally. Regardless of whether any news was broadcast on Janasena, it was simply to reprimand the gathering.

Like all other master TDP yellow media, this channel was likewise seriously angry with the execution of TDP in the as of late held general survey fight. Thus, the channel needed to reluctantly concede a portion of the realities on decisions now. The divert announced in its Political Bajji program that the cross casting a ballot was done in Vizag MP voting public for previous CBI JD and Janasena MP competitor Lakshmi Narayana against TDP’s hopeful Sri Bharat.

Correspondingly, Janasena Rajahmundry MP competitor Akula Satyanarayana likewise got profited with the cross casting a ballot. The channel predicts the triumph of these two Janasena contenders. Indeed, there was no cross casting a ballot according to psephologists reports. For MP supporters as well as for all the get together fragments, the vast majority of the voters cast their votes to Janasena just in previously mentioned voting public, says a psephologist.