Was AP CM Chandrababu following Telangana chief minister for this purpose

Was AP CM chandrababu following Telangana chief minister for this purpose
Was AP CM chandrababu following Telangana chief minister for this purpose

Andhra pradesh Chief Minister Chandra babu Naidu has announced that actress Poonam Kaur would be the new brand ambassador for the Andhra pradesh state’s handloom industry.
Interestingly, Samantha has been appointed as brand ambassador for handloom products of Telangana government.May be this is following Andhra pradesh CM by appointing an actress to promote for the AP’s handloom industry .

On Monday, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu graced the inaugural of the Indian Open Snooker World positioning competition. Poonam Kaur who was one of chief visitors for the occasion admitted that she is an immense fan of TDP Supremo. Prior to the finish of the occasion, Babu astonished everybody by declaring that Poonam would be the brand ambassador for handloom.

Andhra pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society (APCO) in promoting handloom while sharing her ideas on how to furthering the cause. She expressed her personal interest in handloom textiles and said that she wears cotton cloths on various occasions.

poonam kaur said that she considers handloom textiles as an art and shared her thoughts on promoting it. AP CM’s unforeseen move drew criticism. Individuals addressed what will be the utilization of designating an Actress who got fadeout as brand ambassador.

Larger part of people in general felt no less than an Actress who could match the stature of Samantha and somebody who have great fan following ought to have been preferred. Designating a brand amdassador alone can’t improve handloom industry.

In Telangana, Handloom-based Fashion Shows have been directed, Handloom Products were exhibited to Prominent Personalities and Several Handloom Outlets have been set up by Government to make mindfulness and increment the expectations for everyday comforts of weavers. A conferred long term design is expected to safeguard handloom industry from the emergency.