AP’s IT Minister gives Strong Reaction on Pawan Kalyan Comments

AP's IT Minister gives Strong Reaction on Pawan Kalyan Comments
AP's IT Minister gives Strong Reaction on Pawan Kalyan Comments

Pawan Kalyan’s remarks over political issues has been smothered of the extent by media. While Pawan kalyan intended to target Jagan, unexpectedly, it additionally hit Lokesh, the son of Andhra pradesh Chief minister Chandrababu and IT minister from Ap’s rulling party .

Recently in public meeting Actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan made sensational comments on dynasty politics.He indirectly said that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is practicing dynasty politics .

It’s not right on the part of any person to dream for CM Chair just because his father served as Chief Minister. Be that as it may, Andhra pradesh IT Minister Lokesh took Jena sena chief Pawan’s remarks in walk and reacted tenderly.

While expressing that there is nothing incorrectly in a politician child getting to be turned out to be an politician , Lokesh opined that it is the capacities of a man that issues.

Lokesh said that eventually individuals needs to choose whether to vote or not in democracy. An IAS officer’s children needs to end up noticeably an IAS . In like manner, a politician children to look after to turn into a politician .

On the off chance that they have a desire to serve general people like their parents , they should. However, individuals will choose whether to vote in favor of them or not relying upon their capacity and work, Lokesh stated when made a request to remark on Pawan’s dynasty remarks.

Nara Lokesh the son of Chandrababu took this comments seriously and gave reply to Pawan Kalyan. Sources said Lokesh is not happy with the kind of words Pawan kalyan said on TDP, But still he doesn’t want to create tensions with Janasena and Pawan Kalyan at all.

Lokesh has given a sweet counter to jena sena party chief Pawan kalyan showing that dynasty politics is right .