Because of Lokesh…Pawan Out Of TDP Party: TDP Senior Leader

Because of Lokesh...Pawan Out Of TDP Party : TDP Senior Leader

Yellow Party Leader Butchaiah Chowdary revealed the purposes for the revolt of Pawan Kalyan against TDP multi-year before the 2019 Elections. Anticipating Nara Lokesh as the future CM hasn’t gone down well with Pawan Kalyan. He believed the negative input given against Lokesh. As far back as at that point, Jana Sena Chief pursued a war against TDP and this prompted difference in standing condition, he opined. 

The Legislator disclosed to BC Community which used to be the foundation of TDP betrayed the 35-Year-Old Party because of high need given by the State Government to the Kapu Community. He refered to Reservations and Rs 1,000 crore finance for Kapus separated lion’s share of the BCs from TDP. 

Telugu desam party senior leader Butchaiah Chowdary needs to explain whether he wishes to see Nara Lokesh assume control over the reins of TDP or another person must be the political successor of Chandrababu Naidu. The perspectives communicated by the Senior Leader doesn’t decide out the way that larger part of the TDP Leaders aren’t alright with the noticeable quality Lokesh hosts been getting in the political party.