Chandrababu Shocked With A New Video On Note For Vote Issue

Chandrababu Shocked With A New Video On Note For Vote Issue
Chandrababu Shocked With A New Video On Note For Vote Issue

Whole country shocke with the note for vote case , has gone in a different direction. The English every day Deccan Chronicle, in its give an account of Wednesday, expressed that key proof had now been gotten for the situation. This disclosure has made new swells in the Telugu States. At the focal point of the new turn for the situation, is a video which surfaced from a Tarnaka occupant Malcom Taylor throughout the examination.

The 11-minute video highlights TDP pioneer Sebastian doing arrangements with TRS named MLA Stephenson, tricking him with Rs 5 crore to vote in favor of the TDP Candidate in the 2015 MLC decision. The video further uncovers that the then TDP MLA Revanth Reddy (Current Working leader of TPCC) would hand over a development measure of Rs 50 Lakhs to Stephenson to affirm the arrangement. Further, Sebastian is seen telling the TRS MLA that however the underlying sum approved by AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was Rs 3.3 crores at Sebastian’s command, the TDP supremo had consented to Rs 5 crores.

Sebastian is additionally observed guaranteeing Stephenson on the conveyance of the equalization sum. The requirement directorate has been examining the job of A1 Revanth Reddy, A2 Sebastian, Uday Simha and Vem Narendar Reddy in this shocking case. The sound tape containing Chandrababu’s accounted for discussion with Stephenson was sent to the renowned scientific lab in Chandigarh, which affirmed that to be the voice of the Chief Minister of AP. In any case, so far there has been little advancement for the situation in the course of recent years.

The new video brings the whole case once more into the spotlight by and by. The new clasp ascribes the arrangement to one Babu, asserting that he organized the cash to be given over to Elvis Stephenson through middle people. The TRS MLA needed to vote in favor of TDP as a compensation. Unmistakably, the video was caught on a telephone camera separated from covert operative cameras set up by the ACB. Curiously, the video is four years of age however has hit the features now with Chandrababu Naidu being the news for all the wrong reasons.

Here are Excerpts from the discussion as revealed by Deccan Chronicle… Revanth Reddy: If anything transpires (Elvis), here (in Telangana), you be designated as MLA in AP and I (Revanth Reddy) am for you for different things. This is my moral obligation given by my ‘Supervisor’. I am staking my head for this arrangement. Elvis Stephenson: I am staking as long as I can remember. Revanth Reddy: By night I will send you the whole cash through Sebastian. A man out of sight is seen conveying a dark sack from which the money is evacuated and put on the table. Strikingly, the clasp demonstrates Sebastian remaining back even after Revanth’s exit.