Everybody Skipping Chandrababu To Invite as Chief Guest

Everybody Skipping Chandrababu To Invite as Chief Guest

Perceive how things change in simply only 45 days. Forty five days prior, Chandrababu Naidu was at the focal point of every single political development. He bounced from Chennai to Bengaluru to Kolkata to Marathwada to Mumbai. He was there all over the place. He even sorted out a gathering of the non-BJP gatherings to settle on Prime Ministerial applicant. 

Meeting stood out as truly newsworthy and on most days during the electioneering, he was battling for some national head or the other. Be that as it may, after the race results are out, Chandrababu totally left shell. 

His party got the most exceedingly terrible conceivable drubbing. Four of his Rajya Sabha MPs have crossed floors. A lot more MLAs and MLC are preparing to dump Chandrababu. Strangely, Chandrababu did not make even a solitary visit to wherever outside the Telugu states. 

He has not met any Oppositon pioneer or did not hold meeting of Opposition gatherings to talk about procedures in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. No one has even welcomed him for any program. The man who nearly turned into the prime Minister is currently doing combating to spare his party from being completely crushed.