In case BJP losses …What about Telugu Desam Party

In case BJP losses ...What about Telugu Desam Party
In case BJP losses ...What about Telugu Desam Party

Chandrababu Naidu who was the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh inhaled fire on BJP in Today’s coordination council meeting with party lleadersioneers. ‘In next races, BJP will confront overcome without a doubt. The self absorbed nature of BJP Topbrass Leaders would prompt their ruin in 2019 Elections,’ he remarked, while refering to the antagonism against BJP in Jammu and Kashmir for instance.

AAndhra Pradesh chief minister chandrababu opined in the past everybody expected nothing could stop BJP except for now the circumstance has changed definitely. He made it clear Modi Wave can’t be seen in 2019 Polls.If BJP faces crush for not meeting the yearnings of individuals, What about TDP which traded off on Special Status, Threatened to send those challenging to imprison and took a u-turn in the wake of proceeding with ties with BJP for a long time…..

Furthermore, now, Chandrababu Naidu claims he would bring Special Status if TDP wins all the 25 MP situates in 2019 races. Is it a stare off into space for sure? At the point when TDP-BJP combinedly won 16 Lok Sabha in 2014, How could the Ruling Party decisive victory in 2019 in spite of not having the help of BJP-Jana Sena and keeping in mind that confronting hostile to incumbency? Babu should be a bit realistic…even prevailing upon 10 MP Seats will be extremely intense for TDP according to ebb and flow circumstance.