Is This the Biggest Blow To Pawan And Janasena Party

Is This the Biggest Blow To Pawan And Janasena Party

In the event that a Political party faces disaster for sure, at that point numerous from the that political party will stop post the elections. Furthermore, with Pawan Kalyan drove Janasena Party not ready to decisive victory anything aside from an eat in the as of late finished up general race, most likely numerous failures and pioneers are required to travel to different political party’s . 

In spite of the fact that numerous pioneers in Janasena including that of Marisetty Raghavaiah and others host quit political party as of now, they are neither political big deal nor held at the open office prior. In any case, the greatest blow comes as a senior legislator from Guntur, Ravela Kishore Babu’s exit from the party . 

Today he hosts presented his renunciation to party president, saying that individual reasons are in charge of his exit. Ravela has this remarkable refinement of being the main regularly sitting MLA to stop his open office and furthermore Ministerial compartment to join Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party. 

Since he has stopped, gossipy tidbits are doing rounds that he may join either BJP or YSRCongress.