No Doubt on Pawan Kalyan’s Defeat From Bhimavaram : YCP Leader

No Doubt on Pawan Kalyan's Defeat From Bhimavaram : YCP Leader
No Doubt on Pawan Kalyan's Defeat From Bhimavaram : YCP Leader

AP Opposition party Leader and Bhimavaram Candidate Grandhi Srinivas disparaged Pawan Kalyan for holding hands with Chandrababu Naidu who is known for manipulating despite the fact that he issued letter looking for division of United AP and addressed whether Special Status is Sanjeevani. He proposed Pawan Kalyan to combine Jana Sena with TDP even before the 2019 Elections. Grandhi Srinivas: ‘Pawan Kalyan continued changing hues like a chameleon.

Before, He had a gathering with KCR for thirty minutes. Today, He is censuring us. I filled in as MLA just for a long time. TDP’s Ramanjaneyulu was MLA for a long time. For what reason don’t you condemn him . Everybody thinks about the relationship between Ganta, Anjibabu and Pawan. Netizens have been addressing Jana Sena whether if Chandrababu Naidu isn’t degenerate.

Babu joined TDP subsequent to confronting rout in Congress and after that deceived NTR. Pawan have the historical backdrop of collaborating with such a Leader. Is Chandrababu who double-crossed you in the wake of winning in 2014 Polls an incredible individual? Quit talking barefaced untruths. Better if Jana Sena is converged with TDP. As a Fan, I am engaging PK not to demolish his picture.

If you don’t mind pull back your designation. Chiranjeevi blended PRP with Congress in the wake of winning 18 seats. I was in PRP around then yet abstained from joining Congress. I am battling against TDP as far back as at that point. Pawan Kalyan continues lecturing about qualities yet change hues according to your benefit. He doesn’t have any philosophy. His non-verbal communication and outlook gives an inclination that you are KA Paul’s Brother.

Without a doubt, Pawan will confront rout in this races. Narasapuram YCP MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju asserted TDP and Jana Sena’s mystery understanding got uncovered at long last. He blamed Jana Sena Chief for scrutinizing YCP and KCR according to the bearings of Chandrababu Naidu. He opined remarks made by Pawan Kalyan could prompt contempt among individuals in Telangana .