No use of Pavan Kalyan In politics : Kathi Mahesh

No use of Pavan Kalyan In politics : Kathi Mahesh
No use of Pavan Kalyan In politics : Kathi Mahesh

There is a war happening between Pawan Kalyan fans and popular film personality Mahesh Kathi. From the last four months, Mahesh Kathi is trying to concentrate on his work but PK fans are disturbing him everywhere.

Mahesh has made his stand clear about it multiple times. After months of debates and discussions, we have come to know that the fans finally ended their war with Mahesh Kathi.

This was the solid remark made by film critic Kathi Mahesh about Pawan Kalyan . It is realized that Pawan is of setting up a Joint Action Committee so as to accomplish the SCS to Andhra Pradesh and is in chats with Lok Satta Jayaprakash Narayan and Congress previous MP Undavalli also.

Kathi Mahesh said that Pawan has no essential learning about bifurcation issues and is henceforth looking for help of Undavalli or JP like individuals. He taunted at Pawan’s new Joint-Fact Finding Committee set up of Joint Action Committee and inquired as to whether Pawan doesn’t know about the reality BJP-drove NDA is declining to accord SCS to AP or render uncommon advantages to AP state.

Mahesh pummeled Pawan for remaining noiseless for three or more years and sitting idle and thinking of thought of JFAC now. Mahesh requested that Pawan stop these time squander positical issues and up the diversion in Delhi. He included he and numerous would come and support for the same.

While it looks like there has been a temporary pause in this longstanding stand-off, it remains to be seen if Pawan Kalyan would come out and make a public statement to rein in his fans.