Pawan Kalyan Hurted With Chandrababu’s Decision….

Pawan Kalyan Hurted With Chandrababu's Decision....
Pawan Kalyan Hurted With Chandrababu's Decision....
As we known that the Jana sena party chief pavan kalyan has supported theTelugu desam party to form the government in andhra pradesh in 2014 general elections . But Recently Andhra pradesh Chief minister has shocked the Jana Sena party chief pavan Kalyan .
Chandrababu Naidu turned down the film star turned politician’s demand to discharge a white paper on Polavaram venture. Recently few days ago Pawan kalyan amid his visit to Polavaram requested telugu dasam party to discharge a white paper and furthermore to make public the subtle elements of asserted irregularities in the execution of venture works.
On vist of Polavaram Projet recently Pavan stated that, when the Union government was seeking details about the expenditure of funds it had released, why was the government afraid to provide details. If you are not ready to provide details, it will raise suspicion in the minds of people about the government’s credibility and integrity, Pavan stated .
Jana sena chief stated Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s administrative experience should be useful to the State, and he should come clean and prove that the funds released by the Centre were not diverted.
Don’t shy away from accountability, if so, you will lose your credibility, Pavan said to andhra pradesh chief minister .Andhra pradesh Chief minister Chandrababu said it doesn’t require to discharge any paper as the state government is building the venture in a straightforward way.
In this way Andhra pradesh Chief minister Chandrababu has debated Pawan Kalyan’s demand on defilement. Recently Andhra pradesh Chief minister went to the venture and checked on the works with the authorities .
Whenever YCP Leaders make allegations, TDP simply ignores them saying they are baseless. Whereas, The State Government isn’t in a position to treat the issues raised by PK in the same manner. Even CM has no other option but to offer his explanation over the hard-hitting comments of Powerstar .