RGV Says….Chandrababu is the Biggest Comedian In AP Assembly

RGV Says....Chandrababu is the Biggest Comedian In AP Assembly

Controversial Filmmaker RGV is grinding away once more. He has excessively close to home against previous CM Chandrababu Naidu after the last’s administration had then got the arrival of Lakshmi’s NTR halted. Proceeding with his ill will against Chandrababu, RGV has hit new low by contrasting the previous Chief Minister and humorist Brahmanandam. 

Taking to Twitter, RGV composed, ysjagan blasts into chuckling each time @ncbn talks in gathering ..The last time I saw such response is when individuals see Brahmanandam on screen ..So is TDP a satire track in AP Assembly ..Just Asking..TDP pioneers are raging over RGV over his disparaging, putting down remarks against the prepared government official. 

While Naidu has been vocal about open issues and has been exhorting CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to reconsider over vital choices that would influence individuals, RGV’s remarks are surely on terrible taste. It very well may be noticed that the broadcast of two news channels TV9 and ABN were prior banished by Telangana’s MSOs over offending their officials and their vow taking service. 

At the point when an ex CM and one of the senior legislators is offended in such a low, will the administration in AP make any move on RGV. Or then again will he be spared by his right to speak freely .