Roja died, says Balayya Fans..


Balakrishna, the topmost actor and politician has become the butt of the joke as Roja imitated him in Andhra Pradesh Assembly and made fun of him. This angered Balayya fans no end and they are badly hurt as their idol was teased and made a butt of the joke by actress-turned-politician MLA Roja.

Balayya’s fans began attacking Roja on social media networks. Some of the fans even went to the extent of posting that Roja died and some of the fans demanded an apology from her.

Balakrishna is an MLA from Hindupur, who contested on TDP ticket and won. While Roja is an MLA from Nagari having contested on Jagan’s YSRCP.

Interestingly, Balayya and Roja starred together in several hit movies like Bhairava Dweepam,Bobbili Simham and Peddannayya and many more.