TDP Stunned with YS Jagan’s Strong Warning In AP Assembly

TDP Stunned with YS Jagan's Strong Warning In AP Assembly

YSR Congress Party Chief and Chief minister YS jagan is proceeding with his tirade on Telugu Desam in the Assembly. Recently Jagan made body-disgracing remarks on Atcchannaidu and today he compromised the entire TD administrative gathering. On Friday the discussion on intrigue free credits came to talk. J

agan drilled down every one of the advances cleared and in pending during TDP’s residency. At that point he accused Chandrababu for keeping the harvest credits in pending. In any case, TDP MLAs did not concur with Jagan’s announcement and they raised their voice and remained in their place. 

Smoldered by this Jagan said on the off chance that you 23 MLAs interfere with like this, at that point my gathering 150 MLAs will stand and you (TDP) folks will be not found in the get together from the following minute. 

Proceeding Jagan said none of TDP MLAs have sense and think about the gathering rules. TDP MLAs arranged a little challenge against Jagan’s remarks and they issued ‘Privileges of the House’ see on Jagan.