Telangana CM In Deep Trouble With AP CM YS Jagan’s Crucial Decision

Telangana CM In Deep Trouble With AP CM YS Jagan's Crucial Decision

As far back as YS Jagan has confirmed as AP Chief Minister , Making both quick and brilliant charges in the government . In the meantime, he is wanting to execute all survey he made to individuals of state. As a major aspect of it, Jagan in his first bureau meeting showered AP individuals with numerous gifs incorporating merger of APSRTC in government, climb in pay rates to Anganwadi staff and homeguards, 27% Interim Relief to the govt representatives, 2000 Cr input sponsorship to farmers and rejecting of CPS approach. 

Additionally, new government has expanded the compensation of research people and animators in MEPMA, SERP. Notwithstanding it, the bureau has issued warning for enlistment of town volunteers, Rs 15,000 for Amma Vodi and Rs 18,000 for sanitation cleaners. With the above choices taken up by YS Jagan, political investigators feel that Telangana CM KCR may arrive stuck in an unfortunate situation. 

Taking into account that Jagan has showered AP workers with numerous surprising blessings, same segment of representatives in Telangana are presently equipping to pressurize KCR’s legislature to climb their compensations as well. In particular, the Telangana RTC is quick to request government to think about combining their association. On other hand, the workers in Telangana need KCR to take a gander at rejecting of CPS as Jagan Mohan Reddy, in AP, has considered to cancel it.

The employee segment, however the jobless individuals are preparing to battle for new employments in state and some understudy associations intending to hold a statewide dissent in the next days. Along these lines, considering the improvements in AP, it is clear demonstrative that any new execution by Jagan may stress KCR in Telangana. As of now, the condition between the two Telugu speaking Chief Ministers is very healthy situations . 

KCR, who needed Jagan to progress toward becoming AP CM, has been directing him the whole distance and the two of them are quick to proceed with an amicable connection. KCR, who went to the swearing in service of Jagan in Amaravati, wished to consider him to be AP CM for next 3-4 terms. While everybody figured their holding will help both the states, it currently seems as though they may not proceed with it over the long haul as Jagan is taking up numerous representative well disposed plans.